Dr. Cristina Stasia

An expert speaker in gender roles and educational equality

Original, Provocative, Accessible, Engaging

Talks & Workshops

An award-winning lecturer, Dr. Stasia provides transformative talks and workshops on topics including:

She also works w her clients to create customized talks and workshops to meet their individual needs and goals.


There's a lot of buzz about equality and inclusivity, but how do you maximize both in your workplace, school, non-profit, community group, or professional organization? Beyond creating a work environment people want to be in--and thrive in--addressing inequality head-on siginificantly improves both productivity and profit margins.

Dr. Stasia has worked with groups including political organizations, businesses, and schools to troubleshoot what isn't working and provide practical, targeted solutions to help foster an equal and inclusive environment.

If you are interested in booking Dr. Stasia for your event, or would like more information about how she can help you maximize inclusivity in your organization/workplace, please e-mail.

Cristina Stasia on Twitter Email Adam c/o Cristina Stasia
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